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Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask - 236ml

Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask - 236ml

This mask delivers a complex blend of hydrating ingredients to infuse critical hydration into the skin while delivering healing and soothing botanicals to improve the overall health of the skin

Skin Type Indications : All skin types

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Intense hydration



Featured Ingredients

Althae Officinalis Root Extract (Marshmallow) Extract: Althae Officinalis Root Extract (Marshmallow) Extract

Sodium Hyaluronate: In solution HA exists in a flexible coiled configuration that contains approx. 1000-fold more water than polymer. This enables HA to contribute to tissue hydration

Acetyl Hexapeptide-37: Peptide that increases skin moisturization and cell proliferation, and helps maintain skin barrier integrity

Honey: Natural humectant, which is a substance that attracts moisture and holds moisture against the skin. Using a honey-based facial mask can prove beneficial to areas of skin that tend to become dry or itchy because it lends moisture to these areas

Royal Jelly: Regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial