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The Executive Team

Circadian rhythms & the skin

Circadia Skin Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Circadia Skincare in Australia, and proud! We aim to bring the science of circadian rhythms to Skincare professionals throughout Australia. Established in 2020, Circadia Skin, Australia has been on a fast growth trajectory. Our goal is to provide clients with unique skincare solutions, ongoing support and exceptional education from Circadia’s leading industry professionals in the US.

Rachael Stevens - Director of Sales and Education

Rachael studied at The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science to become a qualified Dermal Therapist in 2010. As a sole trader herself, Rachael’s skin clinic was the first in Australia to partner with Circadia. This, combined with almost 30 years experience in the industry allows Rachael to provide specialist training and support to assist clients with what they need to excel in the beauty space.

Phil Stevens - Director of Operations

Phil has a Bachelor of Business with a double Major in Finance and E-Commerce. He brings 16 years of experience within the Business and Finance sector to his role as Director of Operations at Circadia Skin Australia. Phil is dedicated to ensuring that the company's logistics are not only feasible but also specific and transparent.

Natasha Loong - Operations Manager

As an integral member of the Circadia Australia team since it's inception, Natasha deeply understands the company's objectives and ethos. In her role as Operations Manager, Natasha leverages her extensive experience in Marketing and nurturing small and medium-sized businesses to optimise operations, boost efficiency and elevate the customer experience.

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