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Retail Sensitive/Rosacea

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Tranquili-Cream - 59ml

A cream designed for those with sensitive skin and/or Rosacea. Contains hydrating agents and powerful anti-irritants to help reduce the appearance of redness and itching sensations, to improve skin softness and comfort upon application.

Skin Type Indications : Redness, irritation, flaking, broken capillaries.

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Rose-Ease Relief Cream - 50ml

This cream helps calm the redness and irritation associated with Rosacea, while aiding in controlling the demodex mite, thought to contribute to Rosacea.

Skin Type Indications : Individuals diagnosed with Rosacea.

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Chrono-Calm - 15ml

A lightweight water-based hydrating serum, Chrono-Calm soothes chronically irritated skin and improves the appearance of redness and dilated capillaries.

Skin Type Indications : Redness, mild inflammation, visible capillaries, irritated skin.

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Aloe & Calendula Calming Mist - 118ml

A soothing blend of aloe, calendula, elderflower, rose and seawhip extracts to help calm the discomfort associated with Rosacea and sensitive skin.

Skin Type Indications : Redness or irritation.

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