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Circadian Time Balancing Mask with Malachite - 236ml

Circadian Time Balancing Mask with Malachite - 236ml

A complex blend of advanced ingredient technology helps balance the skin by optimizing circadian rhythms and healing times with Synchrolife™ , B-Circadin™ and Mala’Kite™ complex. This mask is hydrating and perfect for all skin types.

Skin Type Indications :

All skin types

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Resynchronizes skin cells circadian rhythm

Reduces oxidative stress from blue light exposure

Powerful free radical scavenger

Powerful anti-fatigue effect (puffiness, dark circles)

Hydrates and visibly improves skin complexion

Featured Ingredients

B-Circadin™: Assists in resynchronizing the skin’s circadian rhythm and regulating rhythm-dependent biological functions such as Aquaporin channels. It also improves rhythm-related detoxification pathway efficiency and reduces oxidative stress from blue light exposure.

Synchrolife™: Counteracts the harmful effects of digital pollution that generate stress, signs of fatigue, and premature aging.

Mala’kîte Complex™: A copper complex that acts as a powerful free radical scavenger, boosts cellular defenses, protects against environmental damage. Malakite is also said to balance the heart chakra, opening a pathway for personal growth.