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Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist - 118ml

Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist - 118ml

Hydrate and nourish while protecting skin with a complex of potent antioxidants. Rejuvenate throughout the day with this refreshing mist.

Skin Type Indications : All Skin Types

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Hydrating and protective
Can be used throughout the day

Featured Ingredients

Blueberry Extract: Contains anthocyanin based strong antioxidants

Chondrus Crispus extract (Marmoist): Hyauronate and sea plant extract improve texture of skin and bind large quantities of water to instantly hydrate and soften dry skin

Sericin: A natural ingredient made from silk that increases moisturizing activity, decreases transepidermal water loss and leaves the skin silky

Honey Extract: Provides a moisture-balancing effect that leaves the skin soft and supple

Licorice Root Extract: Skin brightening