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Product Knowledge Training Videos

Chemical Peels - Chapter 2

Chemical Peels - Chapter 1

Retail Product Knowledge

Backbar Product Knowledge

Level I - Circadia Delivered by HydraFacial

Level II Circadia Delivered by HydraFacial

Treatment Masks

Replay the Webinar

Treating Acne with Circadia

Business Building with Jewellee Williams

Methods of Exfoliation with a Focus on Gel & Ethanol Peels

New Product Launch: Circa-Shield & Lip Renewing Hydrators

Treating Skin of Colour

Acne - The Condition, Treatment Programs and Case Study

The Circadia Concept and Prescribing Circadia Skincare

Peptide Technology

Top Treatments

Switch & Oxygen

Skin and Ageing



Treating Skin Conditions

Peptides, Stem Cells & Vitamins

Circadia Enzymes & Masks

Circadia Mixology

Ingredient Technology and CIRCADIA Ageing & Repair

5 Ps of Chemical Peeling

Peels, Pretreat, Post Care

Acne with Michael Pugliese

Ageing What Do We Really Know?

Next Generation Vitamins in Topical Skincare

Protecting From Winter Skin