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Product Knowledge Training Videos

Chemical Peels - Chapter 2

Chemical Peels - Chapter 1

Retail Product Knowledge

Backbar Product Knowledge

Level I - Circadia Delivered by HydraFacial

Level II Circadia Delivered by HydraFacial

Treatment Masks

Replay the Webinar

2024 Enzymes and Innovations Tackling Hyperpigmentation

Treating Acne with Circadia

Business Building with Jewellee Williams

Methods of Exfoliation with a Focus on Gel & Ethanol Peels

New Product Launch: Circa-Shield & Lip Renewing Hydrators

Treating Skin of Colour

Acne - The Condition, Treatment Programs and Case Study

The Circadia Concept and Prescribing Circadia Skincare

Peptide Technology

Top Treatments

Switch & Oxygen

Skin and Ageing



Treating Skin Conditions

Peptides, Stem Cells & Vitamins

Circadia Enzymes & Masks

Circadia Mixology

Ingredient Technology and CIRCADIA Ageing & Repair

5 Ps of Chemical Peeling

Peels, Pretreat, Post Care

Acne with Michael Pugliese

Ageing What Do We Really Know?

Next Generation Vitamins in Topical Skincare

Protecting From Winter Skin